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@ U Labs discovers Breakthrough Solutions enabled by BLOCKCHAIN and delivered by MOBILE that address the needs of large PASSIONATE COMMUNITIES of Interest wherever they are. We take high-potential, new opportunities from Ideation to Startup Business Planning to Resourcing.

The Result?

High-potential investable projects shepherded into large emerging markets by experienced pros

Projects like these can help interested early stage parties achieve their goals. If your resource investment thesis matches ours, then shouldn’t we be communicating?

Mobile and Blockchain; a Breakthrough Combination

@ U Labs is researching and developing emerging market concepts at the powerful intersection of Blockchain and Mobile. Before 2019, most blockchains were too experimental. Today, diverse Third Generation Public Blockchains are being developed that can deliver different trust models enabling new, more efficient patterns of economic activity between participants. At @ U Labs, we believe one thing to be certain about this new, decentralized technology; most of the world will access blockchains through mobile. Mobile’s universality is key to scaling the adoption necessary for any token-based micro-economy to survive. Hence, true breakthrough solutions incorporate the unique capabilities, lessons learned and benefits of both domains.

Passionate Communities of Interest

Ten years after Bitcoin was introduced, Blockchain still confronts a question familiar to all emerging technologies; What is the killer app that spurs mass adoption? To identify killer apps, one must first identify the most enthusiastic early adopter communities where centralization’s systemic market failures have resulted in acute unmet needs.

Passionate communities are affinity groups where a critical mass will intrinsically sense the value of participation, and instinctively be ready to adopt new solutions. Before Blockchain, many market failures could not be resolved. We believe that solving market failures for large passionate communities will lead to attractive network effects. Third Generation blockchains allow for the emergence of global micro-economies; empowering commercial ecosystems where efficient peer to peer interactions benefit all participants. Which passionate communities and mobile/blockchain solutions are we researching?

The Divested: Reversing recurring losses for consumers

The Invested: Producing value-added loyalty rewards for premium investors

Sports Fans: Layering novel crowd behavior onto events that drives bonding

Arts Fans: Involving fans in promoting the entertainment world’s most passionate genre

Spiritualists: Combining engagement and learning in a safe and secure environment

Families: Private messaging for history’s largest untapped mass market

Passionate communities also refers to the software developers who are key to launching, governing and continually participating in open and transparent decentralized ecosystems. The shepherding role for @ U Labs is to help envision, plan and resource these ecosystems prior to startup. The potential market value from these types of solutions is measured in billions. The enduring value of enhancing millions of lives cannot be measured.

Shepherding Opportunities Photo attribution Kailash Kumar

Big Emerging Market and Mobile Opportunities Are Kind of Our Thing

In order to succeed, all early stage projects in every industry must subjugate various forms of risk. A combination of intuition, economic sensibilities, market dynamics and business model acumen, technology evaluation, financial management, and startup execution has led to some past success.

  • Emerging Market Planning for a $20 Billion global tech leader
  • Startup of multiple businesses in information technology / mobile
  • Business Case Development leading to $3 Billion in annual sales
  • Converting a mobile product into a subscription service business and successful relaunch
  • Startup of highly profitable solutions delivery to Latin America mobile carrier (~ 30M users)
  • Consulting to mobile research and venture capital organizations
  • Strategic planning process for the fastest growing tech company in the U.S.
  • Deeply embedded in the Blockchain rabbit hole since 2016 ­čÉ░

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity

There is an art to diagramming big tech-enabled opportunities and matching them with great leadership teams. Both the market opportunities and the teams are dynamic. Hence, we partner only with true leaders in early stage markets, those self-confident few who are predisposed to bound into the arena. If your resource investment thesis, like ours, is that great teams can make significant change happen at the intersection of Mobile, Blockchain and Passionate Communities, contact us.